Sunday, February 22, 2015

Intel Rapid-Prototyping Competition

Last semester my friend Karl Saclolo asked me to be on his team for a competition held by Intel.  The guidelines were to solve a problem using the Intel Galileo on a team comprised of both art and engineering students.  Along with Andrew Hernandez, our awesome Tech Specialist, we took 1st place with our project K8 (pronounced Kate): a robot toy that couples with an interactive game app intended to teach and engage young girls in programming. Part of the way through the competition I enlisted Kevin Maier, Nick Marshall, and Steven Celiceo to help work on an animated example of gameplay for our final presentation. The work those guys did out of pure belief in our project was astounding, and I'm so grateful that they're continuing to be a part of the team!
Coming from a family of mostly engineers, the scarcity of women in technical jobs has always been an issue near to my heart.  Our project was funded by Intel for the duration of the competition, and for winning we each received scholarships (some of which we've saved to build another prototype!) 
Here is some of the design/modeling/casting/failing/re-casting work I did  :)

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