Friday, May 30, 2014

3D Character Modeling

In case you haven't seen enough design related to the film I made last semester for Ani 115, here's a character model I made based on my design for "Guilbeau".  I modeled him in Maya and textured him in ZBrush, and he's ready for rigging! (which I may or may not attempt haha).  I had so much fun this semester and I'm very grateful to my teacher, Tom Austin, for helping me model my own design instead of from a pre-existing 2D model sheet.  It definitely motivated me to work extra hard on the project and even go as far as to research and make a tutorial for the class on ZSphere rigging (so that we could pose the models efficiently and dynamically after modeling them in a T-Pose).  I learned so much about modeling, texturing, lighting, and navigating in Maya and ZBrush, but I think the most valuable thing I learned was about designing for 3D.  I feel have a much better understanding about how designs translate, but I know I still have much more to learn :)

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