Friday, May 30, 2014

Victorian House Plein Air

This painting took a while and so the lighting changed a bunch during the process of painting it. And of course acrylics dry out way too quickly for plein air, but I'm a student, so I use what I've got.  Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun; I'm a sucker for old, almost whimsical architecture.

3D Character Modeling

In case you haven't seen enough design related to the film I made last semester for Ani 115, here's a character model I made based on my design for "Guilbeau".  I modeled him in Maya and textured him in ZBrush, and he's ready for rigging! (which I may or may not attempt haha).  I had so much fun this semester and I'm very grateful to my teacher, Tom Austin, for helping me model my own design instead of from a pre-existing 2D model sheet.  It definitely motivated me to work extra hard on the project and even go as far as to research and make a tutorial for the class on ZSphere rigging (so that we could pose the models efficiently and dynamically after modeling them in a T-Pose).  I learned so much about modeling, texturing, lighting, and navigating in Maya and ZBrush, but I think the most valuable thing I learned was about designing for 3D.  I feel have a much better understanding about how designs translate, but I know I still have much more to learn :)

The Crystal Ball

This project revolved around the Grimm's Fairy Tale, "The Crystal Ball".  It's an odd story about the son of an enchantress who escapes his mother's wrath and goes to look for a cursed princess.  Okay well, it's less of a story and more of a series of events that had all sorts of potential to tie in together, but failed to do so.  On the bright side, there was a ton of description and action - too much for a 2 page fairy tale but wonderful for a quick Viz Dev project.